Finding gifts for travelers is very easy but most people think that it’s difficult to give gift to a traveler because they seem to have everything in their hands. But the truth is many travelers don’t care much about the food they eat nor what they carry as long as it is a necessity. 
So choosing the best gifts for travelers is pretty simple. You just have to think about the most valuable gift that travelers carry and it should not be heavy or bulky for them to carry. 
12 Best Gift Ideas for Travelers (That They'll Actually Use)

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Here Are The Best Gifts That You Can Give For A Traveler :
1. A Camera
This is so important because a traveler needs to take beautiful pictures of the people and places they visit. Without a cam, memories would just be faded away with time.
So, cameras will capture all the heart and souls that you have left behind after a trip. It remains forever in the form of a photo that can be cherishing forever and look back with pride.
You can get a DSLR camera or a good quality digital camera if your budget is low.
Every traveler needs a convenient backpack. Backpacks are the best gifts to give to your travelers’ friends. 
A good quality backpack that would last for at least a year or two is a truly wonderful gift to give to a traveler.
A Backpack
Sometimes if you travel alone a selfie stick comes in handy, where you can click your own picture with the wonderful background behind you. 
Giving a selfie stick to a traveler is a great idea because it is useful and easy to carry.
A Selfie Stick

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4. Solar Portable Power Bank
This gift also comes in handy because there are some places that a traveler travels to some remote places where electricity and the use of mobile are very limited. 
Not only this sometimes people don’t even have the time to charge their mobile while travelling so, with the help of a solar portable power bank it can be done anywhere and anytime.
Solar Portable Power Bank

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5. A Pouch For A Lady Traveler
Ladies used to carry many stuff. I am one of them. Well, we do have some most fashionable travel ladies who carry their beauty product where ever they go.
Giving a pouch or a makeup pouch, to keep all the creams and makeup in one place is wonderful.
A Pouch For A Lady Traveler

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6. Packing Cubes
Packing cubes are great stocking suffers and an affordable option for organizing luggage contents. I stuff clothes, electronics and medication in my cubes while travelling.
This makes things easy, fast and light to carry. Everything can be packed away in color-coded cubes, even the dirty laundry that you may not be able to wash.
Packing Cubes
Hats are great to cover oneself from sun rays especially while travelling to a beach or a hot and humid place.
These hats should be fordable so that they can be fold easily inside the luggage. Soft fordable hats are one of the best gifts for travelers.

This scarf is perfect for anyone who wants to look fashionable, be comfortable and carry travel items that no-one will even know you are carrying.
It has a special hidden pocket that can be used for your passport, phone, glasses, lip balm or any other small item you want to carry in your hand without people seeing it. It’s amazing to have this hidden pocket in your scarf.
A Hidden Pocket Scarf

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9. Beard Trimmer For Guys
This is perfect gift for travel guys. It comes in many shapes and colors and it can be corded or corded less. 
The trimmer is everything a guy needs to look well groom and feel good about oneself.  A trimmer makes things fast and easy, it’s affordable and compatible to carry.
Beard Trimmer For Guys
This is simple and yet another great gift for travelers. Passport used to get torn out and folds happen in the pages, so a passport cover would be perfect to prevent all the dirt and make your passport looks brand as new.
Passport Cover
This is old fashion but it is of great use. Journals can be use not only to record the journey that a person’s travel but it could be to write all the important notes and dates along the way.
It helps in keeping tracks and records of things to be done too. Sometimes when you are to busy you tend to forget a few important things to do. So, having a journal could also be as a reminder.
A Travel Journal

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12. A Hoodie Pillow

This hoodie pillow is of great use for flight travelers where they can comfortably sleep in plane. It’ comfort and easy to carry in a luggage.
A Hoodie Pillow
These are a few and smart gifts that you can give to a traveler. They are all compatible and light to carry without any problem.  You might need them as well for your next trip.
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