Well, you like to travelling then you might need belonging like clothes, shoes and other essential things on your journey. The decision of keeping the things on the road is a bit difficult but if you have a better plan of what to bring on your journey then it might get easy for you.
Depending upon your travel and location, things to carry changes with the type of your journeys like cruise trip, road trip, hiking, and camping. Each trip has own requirement and you should be ready with it like if you are going for hiking then you should have simple food item as there not much to buy at the top hills and for camping, you need something they can be cooked over there. In this article, we will tell you about some of the best food items that you can carry while traveling.
1. Banana Chip
Well, you have heard of potato chips but these banana chips are so spicy and easily made at home before going for travel on the road that you won’t need to stop at a highway restaurant.
If you have your own car and going for the remote area travel or the place where food is not matched with your taste then having these homemade banana chips can do the best job of keeping you away from getting hungry.
Crispy, spicy and with your tasted blend these Banana chips are also tasty, enjoyable and crunchy and the best part is that these are energetic and can be used at any trip if its cruise trip or road and hiking trip.
2. Coffee
Coffee is not much of problem that you can’t find anywhere but sometime the coffee beans may not be of your taste and for that while traveling and to stay fresh, sharp and to make your journey enjoyable.
Get your favorite coffee beans or powdered beans and find hot water on the ways and having a mug in your bag can give you a really nice coffee on the way. If you have your own car while traveling then having a portable coffee machine that can make you fast and good coffee to enjoy is the best thing you have.
3. Vegetable Burritos/Sandwich
Making a burrito full of vegetables and cheese can give a nice meal feeling on the way. Easy to make that roll with roasted peppers, cheese and cream with extra flavor won’t make you hungry on the road.
Vegetable Burritos/Sandwich
Having a sandwich in the lunch box with bread, eggs and cheese flavor also add something to stay you in the journey. Both burritos and sandwich are light food and they won’t affect your stomach problem on the road.
The sandwich is lighter than Burritos and you might need two sandwiches for one burrito on the way and more its bure vegetable and bread type food with cheese which is good for health than processed foods.
4. Dry Fruits
You don’t have the time or you can’t make burritos, sandwiches in the home before getting on the road then you should have something that needs no cooking or making roll out them and these are dry fruits.
Dry Fruits
Having these energetic food items which have nut, peanuts, Pistachios, pine nuts, and even almonds can give you the best energetic food on the way. The best things are that you don’t need any meal on the way and you can keep on eating the nuts on the whole way without getting bored of the taste.
Dry fruits can also help you in time spending and help you to enjoy the view while chewing the nuts on the way. If you have your own car and driving then you might have to get dry fruit that is already clear and ready for eating but if you are in the bus then its best to keep clearing the nuts for yourself and keep your journey on the loop.
5. Spicy Muffins
These spicy Muffins can be found at any corner bakery of the road. Easy to carry with baking soda and came in with different flavors like chocolate and lemon flavor. Easy to carry around and also you can bake them in the house, take little time to fully baked and can serve you better than the meal.
Spicy Muffins
With such light food on the way and healthy food, the item can get along good with you on the journey and more it the best food item that I liked when I ever go on the road.
There are plenty of food items that can be carried around on the journey based on your trip type and among these the mentioned are the best food item to carry on any trip. More portable and light food can serve you best on the road.


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