There is something very strong that unites people while they are attending any music festival. We all like music. Isn’t that true? And because we love music so much, we simply dedicate many of our activities in life to it, including tourism. 
However today our focus will be on musical tourism, so let’s talk something about musical tourism. The musical tourism is the idea that nobody talks much, but a lot of people have already done, or maybe planning to make a trip that has a ‘musical excuse’ – it could be a festival, a museum, a statue, any place that has a relationship with music.

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More than explaining what it is, or showing you how we’ve done it on the blog, we want to convince you that it can be really cool if you play in music tourism. So, get ready for a totally “suspicious to speak” post, an extremely partial position, almost a declaration of love for this category of tourism that both excites us. 

We give you 5 reasons that will make you keep your little eyes sparkling with us.
1 # Music Is In Our Daily Affections

Have you stopped to tell how many friends you made because of the song? It is still possible to think of a lot of relationships that are crossed by musical affinity. 
Dating, friendship, roll, marriage, so much can happen simply because you were in the same show where the other person was or because they were in a web community of the band “XYZ” and then they got to know each other better, after having the music as a hook. These are classic examples of how music is implicated in these affections and relationships.

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Music Is In Our Daily Affections
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But in addition, there are still the affections and sensations that go through what happens to us in everyday life. Be a simple playlist made to work out, or that song you love to hear when you’re happy. Even more, those songs that help you in the hour of the pains of the soul. 
Music is really magical. As much as tourism is not a routine activity, it is still another place where music is always basing memories, dreams. If you have a passion to create or make your own subliminal, Sprudio can help in fulfilling your dream.
So, think about how this relationship can become more evident and striking when we do musical tourism? Not to mention that the possibilities of finding people who share the same affection that we for the music in a tourist activity can be very great. 
2 # Music Combines With Travel

There’s nothing better than music + travel. A long time ago, when I was a little guy and my father announced our trips to the interior of Minas, I already prepared my tape bag and my walkman (hahaha, I denounced my age). And even today, whenever I think about traveling, I’ll make a dedicated playlist for that trip.

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Music Combines With Travel
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It is always a good habit of associating music with travel, or when traveling. I even make a joke with myself of always electing the music that represents a particular trip. For example, Solitude of Candlemass was the song that represented my departure trip from Denmark back to Brazil in July 2015 … a sadness only.

3 # Music Takes You To New Places And Makes an Authentic Touristic Route
Music tourism is usually different from your conventional tour. In the beginning, there is a connection between a taste and a place. While in conventional tourism people go wherever others say, in music tourism, you go where your life story with the music appeals that you pass.

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Authentic Touristic Route
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In addition, music tourism is authentic as it explores places that traditional tourism would not explore. For example, a legendary record store for a certain musical style, such as Neseblod in Norway or an abandoned house in the middle of England, which served as the cover for one of the masterpieces of heavy metal, as is the case of the house that illustrates the cover of the first CD of Black Sabbath.

4 # Music Expands The Possibilities of Tourism

Traditional tourism is based on a formula to provide contact with the culture of other countries. This formula or script always passes through what is historical, by important personages, monuments, architecture and typical gastronomy. 
Imagine that, when visiting Belo Horizonte in a traditional tourism itinerary, you will go to Praça da Liberdade, Praça da Estação, Mangabeiras Park, Rua do Amendoim, Savassi, etc. Adding musical notes to this trip, you should also take a step on a corner, where the corner club has formed, and there is a plaque and a piano; should go to the mushroom records, store and label that launched to the world one of the most important metal groups in the country among other possibilities.

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Music Expands The Possibilities of Tourism
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Thus, the musical tourism comes to add to the traditional tourism. In addition to the typical statues, monuments, squares, parks etc, you will also have reasons to visit nightclubs, concert halls, record companies, record shops, cafes with music, museums about music among many other things that may appear.
5 # Music to Know More Music

When you do musical tourism, it does not mean that you only go behind one thing and that you stay there for the rest of your trip. For example, it does not mean that throughout your London script behind the Beatles you will not find in any part of their history any band or music you might not have known.
When visiting a flagship store or record company, you always have new musical information. When traveling to a festival, you are not alone because of the shows of your favorite artists. Most of the time, even if it is against your will, you end up meeting new artists, bands.

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Music to Know More Music
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With music tourism, it can even be that you come into contact with new styles, genres and musical traditions. Each country has its peculiarities in the field of music, as in other arts. So a cool way to do music tourism is also pay attention to what local cultures offer – it can be a tribe that plays a song x, it can be a samba or funk house in RJ. All this is musical tourism.


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