India is a beautiful country offering a lot to travelers from across the world but the truth also lies in the fact that tourists, especially those from foreign countries sometimes feel unsafe in the country. 
In a report produced by Delhi Police last year, the cases of theft and scams in the capital city have increased dramatically. Now, this doesn’t indicate the country is totally unsafe, but as said it is always better to be safe than sorry. 
To make your stay safe and comfortable, we have jotted some of the most helpful safe travel tips for India.
Board Into Women’s Compartment in Trains
Women traveling on Metros or local trains in Indian cities like Delhi, Kolkata or Mumbai should travel in the ladies compartment to be safe. It’s not that general compartments or public transports are totally unsafe but the ones dedicated to women are less crowded, comfortable and you won’t have to face that disturbing gaze of men. 
Board Into Women’s Compartment in Trains
In Kolkata, there are seats designated for women in the metro. In Delhi, the first coach is exclusively for women and in Mumbai; the trains have first and second class women compartments. For women, this is in how to travel safely to India. 
Buy a local SIM card
Like many other countries, getting WiFi-connectivity is not quite easy in India and you ought to stay connected with your acquaintances back home. To have uninterrupted communication, you should buy a new SIM card for your existing mobile handset or purchase a new cellphone, whatever suits you better. 
Buy a local SIM card
Having a smooth Internet connection will help you stay active on social media – update pictures, upload statuses and chat with your friends and family. You can have access to Google maps as well that will allow you not to get lost in the unknown city. You just need to have your passport, Visa and a passport-sized photograph to buy a new SIM or phone. 
Wear Indian Clothes
Today, travelers do give a thought on what to wear in India focusing on both safety and modesty. Indians are a little judgmental and sensitive when it comes to clothing. They have different apparels for different areas based on culture and lifestyle. If you try getting mingled with the population of small towns and villages, you are less likely to attract unwanted gaze and attention. 
Wear Indian Clothes travel
Moreover, it shows respect for their culture and tradition. There are a few religious spots like mosques, temples, and Gurudwara where you need to cover your head with a scarf or ‘dupatta’ and take off shoes at the entry. Dressing modestly will keep you safe among uneducated strangers who are the reason behind several crimes against both men and women. 
Never Trust Strangers Easily
True it is that traveling lets you befriend new people and understand them but not everyone can be trusted, especially in India.No matter how harmless a person might look to you, do not trust them. 
Never Trust Strangers Easily
They will ask you for selfies and try to have a conversation which is okay but some will try pushing their chances. Many cases have been reported against men assaulting foreign couples, solo female travelers and even men. Following this advice can teach you how to stay safe in India. 
Say ‘No’ to Be Safe
You ought to learn to say ‘No’ whenever needed. At times, politeness doesn’t work in this country as everyone from guided tours, taxi drivers to street hawkers would try convincing you to buy their services. 
Say No to Be Safe
Saying ‘No’ can get you out of the situation quite easily – don’t be RUDE just say a plain NO and be confident. If you look a little unnerved, people will keep pursuing you. Remember, being rude could get you into unwanted circumstances.
Have a Power Bank For Back Up
To have a smartphone while traveling can come to a lot of help, not just for making an emergency call but for navigation through GPS as well. Surprisingly, a taxi or auto-rickshaw driver will take you through unfamiliar routes and this is when you need to have your phone with active Internet. 
Power Bank travel
Make sure the phone’s battery doesn’t run out of charge and carrying a power back won’t let this happen. It is one of the smart India travel tips that you should keep in mind. 
Eat Healthily
Safety doesn’t only mean being safe against crime or theft but health-wise too. Do not food prepared using tap water and drink sealed mineral water. This doesn’t mean you can’t have the delicious food roadside. Just be cautious what you eat – look for a hygienic and clean place to satiate your taste buds.
Eat Healthily
Hopefully, now you know, “is it safe to travel in India in 2019?” Every place is safe if you know how to travel safely. You need to be careful about a few more things like not getting out alone at night, try avoiding PDA as it is anti-sentimental in India. Undoubtedly, you will have a great time in the beautiful land of diverse communities. All you need is keep in mind these safe travel tips for India. What stops you now? Book cheap flights to India at Indian Eagle today!

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