About Us

“If you’re twenty-two, physically fit, hungry to learn and be better, I urge you to travel – as far and as widely as possible. Sleep on floors if you have to. Find out how other people live and eat and cook. Learn from them – wherever you go.” – Anthony Bourdain.

About Me In Short:

Hi, I am Pankaj Sharma and I am a nomadic travel blogger and writer.

I love wanderlust and to capture moments in my small DSLR camera. During leisure I pen down my whole experience of the journey in a small piece of a paper that ultimately transcribed to an awesome blog post. There are many things I can tell you about myself, but, I think you will not have enough patience to listen my long narration. Moreover, I cannot type the whole thing in such a small blog post.

So, let me brief out in very short about my blog and myself. I always had affection towards travelling since my childhood. I have roamed different beautiful places at my early teenage. Later, my interest on engineering built up. Upon suggestion of my parents and my own spirit, I joined engineering college at Amity University.

Later, I took some interest on blogging, digital marketing and social media. Learnt various aspects of SEO and started implementing all in my blogging sites. I never imagined that my digital marketing skills amalgamated with my traveling experience and interest on writing about it will culminate into such a wonderful blog, that you are reading right now.

Besides being a travel blogger, I took interest on freelancing as well. It is because; I wanted to explore the internet world as well. Learning anything new every day and exploring the world like an adventurous itinerant is quite interesting for me. This led me to stalk most beautiful places around the globe such as Turkey, Indonesia, Switzerland, mountains of Himalayas and kanyakumari in the far south of India.

I love trekking, travelling, taking photographs and doing adventures. The passion for all these qualities prompted me to be a professional travel blogger and photographer.

About The Blog:

I hope you would be more curious to know about the blog than my personal life. Because, you have arrived here being a reader and explorer of worlds paramount sites. So, let me brief you about the blog.

If you are surfing the internet to find places of your interests to visit then you have arrived at the right place. There are various podiums, where you read travel blogs.

But, this is a platform where you will come across very interesting articles that will guide you through top destinations around the world. You can get information regarding some enchanting places that worth visiting at least once in lifetime.

In the navigation area of the home page you can find content of your interest. To explore more you can search in the search bar with a keyword. No worries, if you are not able to visit monuments, hotels, cities, resorts of your choice due to time or monetary issue.

We shall keep you updated with our content regarding top beautiful places around the globe. The captivating pictures inside the article will give you a lively feeling of your favourite tourist destination.

We are far ahead in delivering rich, authentic lively content written by me and guest authors. These special features make our blog stand out among all other travel niche blogs. Moreover, we provide you tips to make your journey inexpensive and easy.

Travelwikki is all about inspiring you to trek, travel and explore the world. We provide you with advices on how you can manage your family life, jobs, business and social life while travelling the most beautiful places you love.

If you have not enough bucks in your pocket, you can consider visiting a nearby city or place. Believe me, you will find a different person in you. You can fight all the stress implanted into your mind in the family fights or job hassle. Grab every opportunity to roam like a nomad and share your experience with your friends, post the clocked pictures in the social media.

Our site is not only about reading articles, but also we provide you with a bigger platform to share your real life experience in the form of an article or guest post. You get referral visits to your own site from the provided link in our blog. Moreover, writing a guest post for our site will increase your site ranking and authority. If you are a newbie to writing, writing for us will enhance your skills and build your reputation among readers.

If you want to know the details of criteria or guidelines to submit a guest post, you can visit the write for us page in the navigation.

For any queries, suggestion or assistance, you can reach out to me at pankajseo2014@gmail.com.