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Honeymoons are characterized to be one of the most memorable events of one’s life. That is only why people become very picky while choosing their Honeymoon destinations
However, there is this inclination towards cold places. The newlywed couples find the cold and calm winters perfect for their romantic getaway. 
Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe
Also during winters, there are Christmas festivities which increase the charm of the weather and the place as well to add a cherry on the top of it. 
Therefore, this time is said to be the perfect time to plan your honeymoon to Europe, but where in Europe? To answer this question, here in this article we will be giving you the best honeymoon destinations in Europe. So, read on to have the best trip of your life!     

It is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, with a colorful and rich culture. Spanish culture is famous for its food and its range of delicacies. 
Cost of a round air ticket (If you are booking 2 months in advance): From 46,000 INR/621 EUR 
Trip duration: 8-10 days
1. Madrid, Spain- it is a rich town with a clear snowy sky comprising of the elegant architectural structures, which signifies the culture of Spain and its history. 
Madrid, Spain
Madrid in winters is less crowded by tourists, which reduces the cost of hotels. While on honeymoon, you should look out for,
  • Spanish Events- Three Kings Parade, Gastrofestival Madrid, Madrid Carnival, Mercedes Fashion Week
  • Visit the local markets
  • Experience La Latina
  • Visit Royal Palace of Madrod, Las Ramblas and Placa de Catalunya
  • Hotel cost: 76 EUR to 335 EUR/ 6,141 to 27,069 INR

Temperatures in winters: 6-8 °C with snowfall occasionally
2. Canary Island, Spain- It is a famous year-round honeymoon spot. It lets you experience the bright sunny weather in the chilly and crisp winters of Spain. 
canary island honeymoon
With a complete and peaceful beach aura, Canary Island has great nightlife as well. It has beautiful white sand beaches with the serene ocean waves. While on honeymoon, you should look out for,
  • Santa Cruz de Tenefire Carnival
  • Scuba diving with your spouse
  • Experience windsurfing, kayaking, and other water sports.
  • Watch amazing exotic marine species and penguins while visiting Loro Parque

Hotel cost: 269 EUR to 443 EUR/ 21,736 to 35,796 INR 
The temperature in winters: 18-24°C
3. Barcelona, Spain- It is the soul of Spain. Barcelona speaks for its culture, passion for sports and beautiful architecture, which attracts a lot of tourists from around the world. 
barcelona honeymoon
Summer is the season for tourists in Barcelona, but winters are less crowded. So, if you are planning a quiet and soulful honeymoon, Barcelona is your pick. While on honeymoon, you should look out for,
  • Handicraft shopping at Fira de Santa Lucia market  
  • Try Restaurant Arume’s Tapas delights
  • Visit Shopping Night Barcelona
  • Watch the Three Kings Parade

Hotel cost: 93 EUR to 536 EUR/7,514 to 43,311 INR
The temperature in winters: 5-14°C

The country of castles and lakes, Austria is a total honeymoon delight. 
Cost of round trip air ticket (To Vienna, if you book 2 months in advance): Starting from 43000 INR/ 580 EUR (approx.)
Austria honeymoon

Trip Duration: 7 to 9 days
1. Vienna- It is the capital of Austria and also one of the best destinations for the honeymoon. Artistic architectures like Baroque are one of the major tourist attractions of Vienna. 
Vienna honeymoon
Even an evening walk gives you the right kind of feel of the place. You get to see a lot of history fused with aspects of modernity as well. While on honeymoon, you should look out for,
  • Visit Christmas Markets for homemade jewelry and other Christmas stuff.
  • During the night, visit places like, Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna.
  • Experience the Wine Tour
  • Visit the Kunsthistorisches Museum to witness the art mastery.
  • Dinner in the Giant Ferris Wheel

Hotel cost: EUR 40 to EUR 590/ 3,232 to 47,674 INR
The temperature in winters: (-3)-2°C
2. Salzburg- It is a historic destination full of cultural artifacts attracting a lot of tourists. It also marked as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
Salzburg honeymoon
The place became famous with the movie The Sound of the Music. While on honeymoon, you should look out for,
  • Take the Sound of Music Tour
  • Visit Casino Salzburg
  • Visit the birthplace of Mozart, the music maestro
  • Visit the Salzburg Museum to explore the place from a historical perspective
  • Visit Hohensalzburg Castle

Hotel cost: 80 EUR to 534 EUR/ 6,464 to 43,149 INR
The temperature in Winters: (-1)-19°C

3. Innsbruck- It is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Europe. You get to a see a serene city lapped up in nature’s shade. 
Innsbruck honeymoon
From shopping to sightseeing, every experience in Innsbruck is worth your honeymoon. While on honeymoon, you should look out for,
  • Skiing
  • Pub crawling
  • Experience the Nordkette Mountain Range from Gondola Ride
  • Alpine forest’s wildlife range

Hotel cost: 56 EUR to 200 EUR/ 4,525 to 16,161 INR
The temperature in winters: (-2)-19°C


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