If you are looking for going on road trips in India, then there are plenty of options to choose from. Although all India road trips are great and exciting, there are some few trips which going to be memorial for the lifetime if you decide to go.
India is a massive country with great wonders to watch. But if you are a biker or adventurer, you going to find many great Road Trips which going to blow your mind. Whether its the beauty of cities or the chill and cold wind of hill stations, India has all the best road trips for you.

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Here are some of the Best Adventure Road trips in India for every type of persons. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure.
1. Mumbai To Goa: The Youth Love
Distance: 600 K.M. (approx.)

Time: 10 to 11 Hours
Mumbai to Goa can be considered as one of the best road trips in India by car from Mumbai. This is a love trip for every youth in India these days. The NH-66 Highway is a great way to watch some tremendous green scenic views from your car windows. 
Mumbai To Goa Bike Trip
This road trip is loved by many bikers too so don’t hesitate to make a tour with your friends on this trip. You going to find many glimpses of Indian culture along the way.

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2. Delhi – Manali To Leh Highway: Love of Every Biker
Distance: 1,050 K.M. (approx.)

Time: 25 Hours (approx)
If you are a biker, then your first choice for the trip in India must be Delhi – Manali To Leh Highway which is the best road trips from Delhi to take. If you ready for a long journey which can takes days to reach your destination then this trip for you. The beauty alongside the road can’t be explained in words.
Manali To Leh Bike Trip
If you are an adventurer, then you can also enjoy this trip. But be careful, the journey not going to be a safe and smooth road trip. The roads of the trip are not meant for smooth ride lovers, be cautious at every turn on the way. Maybe that’s the beauty of this road trip.

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3. Mumbai to Pune Expressway: For Short Trip Lovers
Distance: 90 to 100K.M. (approx.)

Time: 2 Hours(approx.)
If you live in Mumbai and love to take short Trips, then you can’t possibly miss Mumbai to Pune Expressway trip. A quick trip that can be complete in a few hours has many things to check out. The beautiful hills around the road provide great peace of mind to everyone.
Mumbai to Pune Bike Trip
For a city person, this trip has a lot of things to explore. Along the way, experience the beauty of North Indian food and check out some great hills view from your car window.

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4. Jaipur To Ranthambore: Into The Jungle

Distance: 160 K.M.(approx.)

Time: 1 hour 20 Min.
The royal city Jaipur has many things to look for. But if you are a trip lover person, then you can take Jaipur To Ranthambore Trip which is one of the best trips in India. It is a very popular trip and loved by many adventures. 
Jaipur To Ranthambore Bike Trip
Stay your focus on the road, who knows you might be able to see the king of the Jungle Tiger wandering around. Best trip for those short trip lovers with lots of beauty to check out.

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5. Delhi To Jaipur: Visting The Pink City

Distance:270 K.M.(approx.)

Time: 5 Hours (approx.)
For all the people in Delhi who want some peace of mind from your busy life, the Delhi To Jaipur trip is an escaping gateway. Check out the different culture colors of India and their beauty in the Pink city.
Delhi To Jaipur Bike Trip
Jaipur is the best place to visit for people to look at our History and heritage. A little break from your busy life will not go to harm you anything.

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6. Manali To Shimla: Hills Beauty Never Ends

Distance: 250 K.M. (approx.)

Time: 4 – 5 Hours
For all the hills station lovers, Manali To Shimla will surely be going to make your bond with nature. The hills beauty alongside the roads is unbelievable.
Manali To Shimla bike trip
Moreover, you can also check the beauty of Beas River alongside the road. You can take different routes for this trip, but I suggest taking Mandi Highway road for better and safe Trip.

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7. Puri To Konark: Perfect Trip For Photographers

Distance: 36 K.M.

Time: 1 Hour.
Puri To Konark is a very short but a beautiful trip to take. The highway beauty emerges with the alongside Trees. Photographers love this trip to make because of the Beauty finds on this road. This is a perfect Road trip for short and romantic trip.
Puri To Konark Bike Trip
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8. Mumbai To Mount Abu: From Noice To Peace

Distance: 760 K.M.(approx.)

Time: 12 – 13 hours
For all the Hill lovers and adventurers in Mumbai, if you love to visit hill station, then the Mumbai To Mount Abu is a perfect Trip for you.
Mumbai To Mount Abu bike trip
Mount Abu has some of the best hills view to check out. The Nakki Lake and the Surrounding Forest makes it one of the first choices for every road trip blogs India.

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9. Kolkata To Digha: A Sea Shore Gem

Distance: 190 K.M. (approx.)

Time: 4 hours 30 Minutes (approx.)
For all the adventurers in Kolkata, If you are looking for a road trip To India then first you must go on Kolkata to Digha trip. This trip is for one of those people who want to visit and explore sea shore Trips.
Kolkata To Digha Bike Trip
The road on the trip changes from NH6 to NH116B along the way. The road trip going to be pretty safe and smooth for your visit to Digha.

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10. Delhi To Rishikesh: The Sacred Destination

Distance: 240 K.M.(approx.)

Time: 5 hours 30 minutes
For all the Sacred people who want to visit a sacred place, Delhi to Rishikesh trip is for you. This is one of the best trips for holy people from Delhi to take. But be careful, the road is in bad shape in some places so this trip will not be going to be a smooth ride. This is one of the best road trips in December in India to take.
Delhi To Rishikesh bike trip
You will love to watch all the beautiful temples and different colors of Indian culture from your car’s windows. For all the daring tracks lovers, you can also choose this trip to get the thrills of a real journey.


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