Coming to Vietnam night markets, visitors will have a chance to enjoy street food, buy souvenirs, and watch the bustling, crowded atmosphere in twinkling lights.
1. Dong Xuan night market (Hanoi)
The Old Quarter night market is a typical culture of Hanoi, attracting both domestic and abroad tourists. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, visitors are excited to join the night market.
The market items are quite diverse and good-looking, ready to serve all the needs of visitors, from snacks, fruits, food, souvenir products to clothes. It’s convenient for visitors that the market is only for pedestrians so that there are no means hindering people.
People come here not only to go shopping but also to enjoy the bustling, fun atmosphere, and feel the lifestyle of Hanoi people.
2. Quang Ba flower market (Hanoi)
This biggest night market in Hanoi often opens at 2 am. Despite selling only flower item, the market is no less crowded than any other markets. The market has a variety of flower colors and types, creating an array of bright yet gentle, charming colors.
Quang Ba flower market
Going to Quang Ba becomes a pleasure of many tourists. Some people stay up all night to wander in the market not to buy flowers but simply feel a part of Hanoi life at night.
3. Ky Lua night market (Lang Son)
Bringing its own identity, Ky Lua night market opens 6 times a month. People coming to Lang Son also turn to Ky Lua market to buy some anniversary gifts because the goods here are very rich and diverse.
A market is a place of goods and cultural exchanges with bold characteristics of the Northwest mountains. Besides, the young Tay, Nung, and Dao ethnic people also come here to meet and exchange their love through sweet lyrics.
4. Hoi An night market
If Hoi An daytime gives visitors the depressive and old feelings, when night falls, the old town expresses a sparkling beauty.
Located on Nguyen Hoang street, Hoi An town, Hoi An night market gathers nearly 50 stalls with various kinds of goods and sophisticated craft products of indigenous people.
Hoi An night market
Besides, the culinary corner is extremely bustling with many specialties such as “cao lau” (noodle with pork and greens), Quang noodles, chicken rice, etc, promising to bring visitors exciting experiences.
5. Nha Trang night market
Located in the walking street of Tran Phu, the night market is designed quite nicely, sketching the idyllic and rustic scenery of Vietnamese villages.
In the market, there is a display of horse carriages, small bamboo bridges across the canal, or simply banana trees, etc. All the scenery gives visitors a close feeling of old yet close things.
Seafood at Nha Trang night market
Nha Trang night market also sells a lot of souvenirs and handicrafts. Especially, culinary stalls here are very attractive.
6. Dalat night market
Dalat night market is also called Hell market because people often held markets at 2-3 am under the flickering oil lamp, hidden in a misty fog. In contrast to its name, coming to the market, visitors will be surprised with the warm, bustling and joyful atmosphere.
Dalat night market
In the evening, the market sells all kinds of products such as sweaters, silk scarves, specialties of Dalat, etc. All of them are reasonable, so the market attracts a large number of tourists from everywhere. The market also has a lively dining area with famous dishes.
7. Ben Thanh night market (Saigon)
If Hanoi has a busy Old Quarter night market, Saigon also has a famous Ben Thanh night market. It is located on the two sides of Ben Thanh market. With an airy space and various items on sale, a market is an ideal place for tourists to wander, admire, and enjoy delicious street food of the three regions.
A corner of Ben Thanh night market
It is the place for many domestic and foreign tourists to explore the unique features and lifestyle of the magnificent Saigon city.
8. Phu Quoc night market
If you just have a full day Phu Quoc tour, you will miss the most popular place in the evening on the island. Phu Quoc night market has up to 100 stalls stretching on Vo Thi Sau street. Visitors can freely choose for themselves the favorite items, from strange items to fresh, delicious dishes.
Seafood processed at Phu Quoc night market
Besides, the market also displays a lot of specialties of Phu Quoc such as fish sauce, pepper, rhodomyrtus tomentosa wine and other kinds of seafood processed by the people here.
9. Tay Do night market (Can Tho)
Tay Do night market architecture is in harmony with the surrounding landscape, scientifically arranged, bearing the typical style of the South. The market is divided into neat and spacious stalls.
It is said that Tay Do night market is like a miniature Mekong Delta with simple features of the countryside. Amidst the cool atmosphere of the night, visitors can purchase a variety of products, participate in challenges with games, or enjoy outdoor music theater, etc.
Tay Do night market (Can Tho)
Vietnam night markets bring various interesting features that their daytime appearance doesn’t express, attracting tourists to come and discover. If you love the place, don’t hesitate to like and share the article with others. Thank you and hope you will have a fun time here.


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