The Himalaya is one of the destinations in Asia which is most admired in the world. Thanks to the natural grandeur of the mountains, the abundant wildlife, and even their remoteness. It is one of the destinations that if you have the opportunity to explore, you should not miss to visit at any time of your lives. Read here about what to see in the Himalayas.
How to Explore The Himalayas
Places To See In the Himalayas
What is certain is that the popularity of the Himalayas as a tourist destination has caused a lot of people to think in the area as a kind of “mountain resort”, but in reality has a mosaic of different communities, cultures and pilgrimage routes that make the chain of the Himalayas in an ideal destination for you to test your limits and venture into the wild nature in addition to know these places that we propose.
1. Tibet 
Tibet is definitely the main place to visit whether you are traveling to India or the Himalayas. A country hidden behind the great Himalayas is not just a place for monasteries. It has sublime landscapes, fresh meadows, clear lakes, and friendly people. Best of all, you can get a wonderful view of Everest that you may not even find in Nepal.
2. Nepal 
When we think about traveling and knowing the Himalayas, the first place that comes to mind is Nepal. You can’t get a more recommended place to enjoy this mountain range. You have trekking trails, monasteries, lakes, peaks, medieval cities, and many other charms. In addition, within Nepal, you cannot miss places like Sherpa, Tamang Village, Kathmandu Valley among others.
Trekking Routes in the Himalayas
It is clear that for many, one of the motives for traveling to the area of the Himalayas is able to practice something of trekking, climbing or tours that soak in nature. If that is your reason, do not hesitate to make these routes:
1. Circuit Manaslu
The Manaslu is a walk of 14 to 16 days surrounding the eighth highest peak in the world. In recent years, the trails have been improved and the walk is quickly becoming a popular alternative to the Annapurna circuit. The total number of visitors in recent years has been around for 2000, and the majority is given in October. This is one of the best tours of Nepal and serves you to get away from the crowds at the same time.
Circuit Manaslu Trek
2. Leh-Ladakh Route
The Nubra valley in Leh Ladakh Region is one of the main tourist attractions of the region and the perfect place for someone who feels the attraction of the mountains but not actually involved in the life of the “backpacker”. Once you arrive in Leh, be sure to give you a time to adapt to the drastic change of altitude, which is the only downside of a fast flight (from Delhi).
Once you’re satisfied with the palaces and stupas, rises to a jeep and a walk along the Chang-La step, the third world’s passable road that will take you to one of the most impressive views of the world: the infinite stillness Pangong Tso. The next day you will be able to reach the Nubra Valley, where a camel rides or enjoy the views.
Nubra Valley Ladakh
Things to do in the Himalayas 
In addition to everything explained, the Himalayas is also a perfect destination for many activities, the majority of which have to do with the risk and as not, the contact with nature. Among the highlights we have for example:
1. Rafting in the water
Emerging from the top of the mountains in the Himalayas is born many gorges of water, which means that the rafting is exactly a perfect activity to be performed. The river Ganga is ideal for rafting in the water; turbulent and difficult to overcome. There are expeditions available for professionals, but we also have other more for those of us who are completely inexperienced in the matter.
Rafting in Water
2. Heli-skiing
The Heli-skiing is a type of activity that has gained enough popularity over the years in the Himalayas. The Himachal Pradesh, in particular, offers several options. Skiers are transported with a helicopter at a height of approximately 14.000 feet from where they jump on the snow and slide down the slope. A risk that only you can take if you have already practiced before, but you have also option to take you to the top of a mountain which you can then lower yourself skiing without the need to jump from a helicopter.
Heli Skiing
Where To Eat In The Himalayas
Eating in the Himalayas is complicated if we consider that everything will depend on the exact location you are in. If you have determined to travel directly to the Himalayas and you stay at one of the hotels in the area, the food may be resolved in the hotel itself but if you go further and move in areas such as Tibet or Nepal or even Bhutan.
1. Panj Tara Bar & Grill
In the village of Kasol, which is the starting point for many “Backpackers” who visit the Himalayas, we have this nice and modern restaurant that offers the most varied. His specialty is the fish but also you can eat hamburgers or ask for pasta dishes.
2. Ema Datsi
In the region of Bhutan you will find this restaurant opened by a former Tibetan monk and in which you will be able to eat some of the best specialties of the area as the Momo, a kind of mass of water buffalo stuffed with meat such as lamb, as well as the potato, the mushrooms or beans with onion, garlic, and ginger.


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