Do you want to travel optimally? Here are some tips for traveling smart and make your next trip more enjoyable. Below are actually seven things you always need to consider while doing plan for any trip. All these are must do and consider things for any successful trip. 
Things You Need to Consider Always Before Planning An Trip

1. Download Top Travel Apps
It’s 2019 and experienced tech-savvy travelers have stormed the digital market with apps that make it easy for everyone to get around. Flight search applications and web interfaces such as Skyscanner make it easier to find (and book) the cheapest routes. With Skyscanner, you can search by destination and reduce them to the cheapest dates.
Download Top Travel Apps
If you do not want to compare and have a clear idea of your route in mind, use Hopper. This app is designed to analyze airline ticket trends and plan the best time to book your flight. For example, you want to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Frankfurt in December, but you do not know when to book. Hopper allows you to view the daily prices of this flight. The app will also warn you when prices are likely to go up.
All smart travelers should have apps like Skyscanner and Hopper on their phones!
2. Keep Only the Necessary Luggage
Travel light and learn how to pack your bags efficiently. Lots of awesome products have been created to help you (suitcase organizers, compression bag, rolled out clothes etc.). Generally, if you check in with your luggage, especially when you have heavy toiletry bags, you will have to pay quite a high fee. In most cases, you do not need to do it. Try to use such toiletry bags, which are easy to hold and may grab enough luggage in it. You may also the buyers trend as well to learn about top travel toiletry bags 2019. 
Keep Only the Necessary Luggage
It is often allowed to go north of the plane with a cabin bag and a purse. Cabin baggage will be enough to dress you up for a weekend. In addition, it is rather reassuring to have your stuff safely over your head or next to your feet during a flight. You will not have to guess if your checked baggage has arrived at the bunkers of the good flight, or has it accidentally found itself in another plane.

3. Make Your Luggage Identical
Many of your fellow travelers certainly have the same baggage as you, but there are ways to get yours out of the game. Bandana, stickers, bag covers, custom tags, and color tape you’ll recognize. This will save you from waiting for the treadmill to lap several times before accidentally picking up someone else’s luggage.
Make Your Luggage Identical
Some airlines (such as Delta) will warn you when your bag arrives in the bunkers, and when it is scanned out. Download the company applications to receive notifications.
4. Online Registration
For most flights, you can check in 24 hours before. It is likely that your airline sends you an email with a barcode that you can use as a boarding pass. 
Online Registration
Forget queues to print yours at the counter. Do not waste time trying to figure out how to scan your passport with scanners that only work from time to time. Thanks to technology.
5. Learn to Read Fast
You thought it was not necessary to specify it, but it’s important. In an airport, signs indicate your direction, where the doors, treadmills, taxi are stands, etc. So you have no excuses if you accidentally exit the terminal and need to re-enter a security check. 
Learn to Read Fast
Learn to selectively spot what you are looking for, and follow the arrow.

6. Bring your Own Headphones
The airlines want to keep us calm and satisfied so many offer movies, TV shows, music albums, maps and games on the screens of your seats. 
Bring your Own Headphones for travel
For long-term trips, watch extremely long movies that you would not have seen in any other context.
7. Protect your Documents
The obvious course of action is to keep your passport and credit card on you permanently. But keeping a physical hand on it will not protect you from credit card hackers. If you wish, you can buy an RFID card (radio-tag) that blocks hacking attempts. However, this type of piracy is much less common than that in vending machines and gas pumps.
Protect your Documents
Keep an eye on fake card slots and keyboards, and protect your code from any camera on or near the DAB or gas pump. These devices are not easy to spot, so keep a close eye on your cards and bank account. If you see something abnormal, contact your bank immediately.

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