With people getting more inclined to traveling the various parts of the world, the range of facilities has also taken a leap forward. 
One of these facilities, that is, flight booking has been also revamped with a wide range of choices providing people with the best and convenient.

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While booking a flight for yourself you have to keep into consideration factors like- date, price, time, class to travel, airlines, etc. So, to make the best choice for yourself you need to have a sound knowledge about all of them. 
Websites for Flight Booking at The Cheapest Prices
The websites for flight booking, or as we popularly call them Online Travel Agencies or OTAs generally follow a mainstream price in the market. 
However, they do offer unique benefits and offers to the people. After a lot of research, we have compiled the Top 5 Websites for Booking Flights. Also, we have listed down their pros and cons for a better understanding. 
These websites are supposedly going to give you a good price or at least the same price as that of the airline’s site, but never more than that.

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There are some airlines like, Southwest that you may not find on websites like Expedia or Orbitz, for which you will have to visit their site only. 
This resolves all sorts of third party issues and you deal with the airlines directly. 
If you are booking your flight via the airline’s website, you are awarded the Frequent Flyer Miles, which is a delight for your bills. 
But again, to book via an airline’s site you have to know a lot of things before making a decision. Therefore, OTAs offer you a good deal to go for. 
It makes your job easy peasy while booking a flight. So, let us take a look at the Top 5 Flight Booking Websites.
1. Hotwire.com
It is in the market for the last 20 years. It consists of a simple and convenient home page with a search box to guide you through your choices of cities and travel dates. The third tab in the search option offers flight search.
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Hotwire is highly likely when you have to book a flight as well as a hotel. You will also observe a lot of pop-up ads on the website informing about the offers if you book a hotel along with the flight. The package combo is certified to be an efficient money saver.
  • 24 Hour Cancellation Policy
  • Low Price assurance

  • Booking fee is charged
  • Offers on flights are not that attractive

2. Expedia.co.in
It is a very accountable OTA, in its place in the market since the 1990s. It used to be a search source back then but it holds its ground till now. 
Expedia does not offer great relaxation as far as the price is concerned, but it certainly offers you a nice package of flights and hotels together.

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  • Expedia Rewards which offer discounts on hotels, cars, packages, activities, and cruises.
  • Cons:
  • Limits your offer potential against elite class bookings
  • You eligibility towards an offer is also restricted

3. Priceline.com
It comes with the unique ‘Name Your Own Price’ tool and opaque bookings. These kinds of bookings offer a lot of discounts but a great deal of detail is hidden until the booking is completed. 
The Name Your Own Price tool was ruled out for flights in 2016, so Priceline no more functions with the tool. Priceline aligns well with the mainstream price of the market, so you are offered the right price for your booking.

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  • Offer Express Deal Flights
  • Reasonable price
  • Free 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

  • Flexible dates are not offered

4. Orbitz.com
It has been in the market form 2001. They have a distinct feature of offering rewards, known as Orbitz Rewards. In this system, you earn Orbucks as you book vacation packages, flights or hotels. 
You can redeem these reward points only by your hotel bookings. Orbucks are 1% of your buying cost. The programs’ subscription is free of cost.

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  • 24 Hour Cancellation Policy
  • Affordable price assurance

  • Booking fee is levied on the bill, which increases the billing price.

5. Agoda.com
This OTA is a Priceline venture. It has limited options to offer, for instance, you get a Limited Filter Option while searching for flights. 
It lets you find great private and luxury accommodations. They do not have elaborate flight options, it is pretty limited. Another attractive feature of this OTA is that it is available in multiple languages.

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All you have to do select your country’s flag on the top bar and then proceed with your booking.   
  • 24 Hour Cancellation Policy
  • Simple and convenient Search Bar
  • Multilingual interface

  • Limited filtering options for flights

Ending Note
As we said earlier, there is not a single site which caters to your doubts and facilities. All the above stated Top 5 websites carry a mainstream costing for flight booking. They are not too much; they do not give a free hand at the cost, as well.

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Also, for opaque bookings, they may seem to offer a good deal but they keep a lot in the veil, so you have to be careful. You should check all the price slabs in your bill after the booking has been concluded. Go through this Top 5 list and choose the best for you! For any further updates, stay tuned to this space. 


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