India is not just about monuments, attractions, and religious destinations. The culture of the land has its link to the entertainment sector too. 
No, not just dance, music and others. It has its roots struck into the games too. Every festival celebration will hold many local games of the land. Tourists are welcome to be a part of these games. 

Are you excited about the desi games? 
Here are the top games to try, while you are in India.
Gilli Danda
This game is an ancient version of a mixture of cricket and baseball. A large stick is used as the cricket bat and a small stick is used as a ball. The large stick is used to lift the small stick from the ground and hit it to a home run. 
While the small stick is on the air, the players are supposed to run and touch a crease point before the small stick is captured by the opponents.
This is also called as goli and is played with small green marbles. A small target is placed on the ground and players take a turn to hit the target with their marble by catapulting it with their fingers. The winners take all the marbles home. This is vaguely similar to that of carom. 

Today, Kho-Kho tournaments are quite common. The catchers sit in alternating directions and the runners run through them. The catchers have to take a turn to touch and eliminate the runners. 
Kho-Kho is an important desi game of Maharashtra. Today, it is a part of the Indian Olympic Association. 

This is an Assamese game, which is played during the spring festival of Bihu. Two teams of eleven players each play catch with a rubber ball.
If someone throws the ball to the opponent, below his waistline, he will be shifted to the opposite side. His main role will be to catch the ball, bring it back to his team, without being touched. 
If not, he is eliminated. The one to lose ten players first will lose.

Also called as Lagori, this game is played in Kerala. The main target is a stone column of 7 to 10 stones. One team tries to break it and the other team tries to arrange it. Once the stone arrangement is collapsed by a hit of a small ball, the other team runs and gathers the stone pieces and arranges them. 
The team with the ball will try to hit the opponents with the stone pieces with the ball before they reach the spot of arrangement.

Pachisi is now famously called as ludo. This game was played by Akbar and his ministers. You can find cloth version of the board and exotic styled dices in India. This is the game that was the seed for Hindu Epic, Mahabharata.

Snake And Ladder
This is a board game, played by 4-6 people. People take a turn to throw dice and move their coins, aiming the ladders. If the coin ends up in the mouth of the snake, the player has to move back his coin to the tail, down the board. 
Snake And Ladder
The one to reach the top of the board is the winner. You don’t have to take an India tour to play snake and ladder. 
You can find these boards online too. However, the India version has a mythological look to it. This game is played during Mahashivratri and Vaigunda Yegadasi, as a form of religious ritual and celebration. 
You ought to take part in those competitions, which take places in small communities and temples.
Apart from these, you can find numerous other games like a human pyramid, jattikattu, gutte, antakshari, and others. 
Not every travel agency would be able to arrange these games for you. If you wish to get closer to the culture of the land and live like an India during your vacation, you ought to try these games, at least once. 
Best Way To Travel 
There will be everything: glorious and ancient history, magnificent palaces, mountains and deserts, bazaars and food stalls, games, adventure, colorful holidays and colorful ceremonies, sincere and curious people, spicy food and exotic fruits.
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