Planning to go Delhi? You are excited yet confused about what we see or do in Delhi?  Here’s all the information about visiting place in Delhi where you have to go to make your trip exciting! All you have to do is figure what you like to visit, and choose the places from below list.

Delhi is a teeming with a lot of historic places, temples, park & museums or many more.The contrast between inconsequential Old Delhi and well planned New Delhi is tremendous, and it’s interesting to spend time exploring both. Delhi has so much in market and store that it won’t stop you to buy. 

The Red Fort is an elegance beauty in India which was built in 1638 by 5thMughal emperor Shah Jahan. The marvel of Red Fort was made by red stone which make it most attractive face of tourist attraction in India.
Red Fort, Delhi
Within its magnanimous walls, an hour sound and light show on the Fort history held each evening make it attractive for visitors. Even free for children under 15, 10 Rs for Indians and 250 Rs for foreigners. The opening hours of fort are from 9 am onwards to 6 pm rather than Monday.
A Red stone and shiny marble make Akshardham more attractive that’s why nowadays Akshardham becomes most visited place in Delhi. This religious massive Hindu house of worship, a spiritual and cultural complex was built by BSAP swaminarayan sanstha organization and inaugurated on 6 November 2005.
Akshardham delhi
The campus is dedicated to devotion, learning and harmony. There are so many things to do in campus include sprawling garden, sculptures and boat ride. Mobile phone and cameras are strictly prohibited inside the campus. Entry fees needed only to see the exhibitions.
Humayun’s tomb which inspired Taj Mahal.The tomb was built in 1570 to houses the body of second Mughal emperor. It is located at Mathura road opposite to Dargarh, Nizamuddin east in New Delhi.
Humayun’s tomb, Delhi 
People believed that it was a first structure used Red stone at large scale.  The symmetry garden around the tomb give you space to relax your body. The entry fees are free for children under 15 years, 30 Rs for Indians and 500 Rs for foreigners.
India gate is the memorial place which is built in memory of the 70,000 Indian soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the British army in World War 1. 
India gate, Delhi 
It is located 2.3 km from Rashtrapati bhawan. At night it glows amazingly under the lights and favorite destination to hangouts with friends and family in summer’s evening. Entry fees free for all the visitors including foreigners.
Bahai temple is popularly known as lotus temple because it shaped like lotus flower. It particularly attracts the visitor at night. 
Bahai lotus temple, Delhi
Bahai is the significance of unity of people and religions. It welcomes every visitors with open hearted. The temple is located near Nehru place, south Delhi and entry is free for everybody.
The tallest brick minaret in the world was built in 1206, but reason behind the construction is still mystery. The focal point about Minar is it is covered with intricate cravings and from the holy Quran. 
Qutab Minar, Delhi 
People have their own mystery like some people believed that it used to do faithful prayers and some told that it signify the victor and beginning of Muslim rule in India.
 The entry fees for Qutab Minar are free for children under the age 15, 30 for adults and 500 for foreigners. 
If you are men/women of pens and brushes than you must to visit this place. The beautiful architecture of art will leaves you amazed when you walk around the national gallery of modern art. The piece around the building stop to go back to the hustling’s roads of Delhi. 
National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi
Hauz khas village is the known for amazing creatures built around reservoirs. Some of the percious Indian institutions are situated around the Hauz khas is including the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (INFT). Even many famous boutique and market are located in the Hauz khas village.
Hauz khas village, Delhi
Delhi is the great combination of tradition and modernity. Other than this historic place there are few more historic place and other places to visit in New Delhi. So people go and explore Delhi because “Yeh Delhi Hai Meri Jaaan’’.   
Here’s The List Of Places
  • Rashtrapati Bhawan
  • Chandni Chowk
  • Jama Masjid
  • Lodhi Gardens
  • Gandhi Smriti and Raj Ghat
  • Cannughant palce 
  • Jantar mantar
  • Chattarpur temple
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