You cannot compare both each has its unique things and below you can know about swiss special places to visit.
When the air is crisp and the area is white, Switzerland turns all the more interesting. Nature’s masterpiece, this diminutive country is granted with jaw-dropping scenery that turns exotic in winters. No surprise, there are scores of places to attend in Switzerland in winter and snow activities to indulge in. The vacationing beauty manifolds when the Alpine air echoes with the clinks of church bells and cowbells.
Whether you appreciate winter sports or simply prefer to rest, you would be bowled over by its attraction and fall in love with it over and above again. Thanks to its active Swiss transport system, you can easily touch most of the top sites through trains, ferries, and cable cars. So, thinking to visit Switzerland in winter? Here are a few top places that you should not miss on your Switzerland winter vacation! You can opt for Switzerland Tour Packages from Dubai.
Few Best Places To Visit In Switzerland In Winter
If you are designing a winter vacation with your spouse or family, here is a list of a few top places where you should spend your Switzerland winter holidays.
1. The Jungfrau Region
Inhale the green mountain air at this breathtaking destination. The safest bet to enjoy winter holidays in Switzerland, Jungfrau Region’s splendid scenery will leave you bewildered. Peaks of the towering mountains – the Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger are glazed with milky white snow and present a beautiful contradiction to emerald valleys in the Alpine paradise.
The Jungfrau Region
In addition to scenic preferences, your trip to this region makes you amazing natural wonders. These miracles include The Jungfraujoch – a col within the Jungfrau and the Mönch, which has Europe’s largest railway station, and the Aletsch Glacier – the biggest glacier in Europe. It is one of the best areas in Switzerland in winter for nonskiers.
2. Zermatt
The little town of Zermatt is a special treat for skiers and snowboarders attempting a good quiet stay through winter in Switzerland. Cable cars paddle skiers up encircling mountains, making it among the best winter honeymoon destinations in Europe. You can enter the town via scenic train routes that relate it to the outside world. When illuminated, the city transforms into a picture perfect Christmas postcard that is attached to make your winter holidays in Switzerland extra special.
The most important peak in the Alps, the Matterhorn, stands here. Mountaineers flock to this town to capture this technically difficult peak. If you don’t need to indulge in adventurous games, you can entertain in the town’s energetic nightlife instead!
3. St. Moritz
St. Moritz, Numero Uno Alpine winter vacation destination, destroys you with different leisure and sports opportunities as well as shopping opportunities. This clean resort town has been a venue for two winters Olympics. Take the most exciting of Switzerland winter tours to St. Moritz.
St. Moritz
A famous playground to enjoy winter sports in Switzerland in December, the town presents you opportunities to entertain in skiing, snowboarding, and snow-shoe trekking. St. Moritz’s mineral springs have also committed to enhancing its reputation amongst travelers. To join a cherry to the cake, the town is also a center of happening nightlife.
4. Oberalp Pass via Glacier Express
Visiting Switzerland and dropping out on the unique trip to Oberalp Pass is a no-no. You can drive the Furka-Oberalp railway that operates throughout the year and grants restricted access through the reservation.
Oberalp Pass via Glacier Express
Or you can abandon the hassles and relish its view while riding the Glacier Express – a straight train that takes you from Zermatt to St. Moritz. En route, the train ride grants you with incredible views of the Alps while pressing its way within tight curves, 291 bridges, narrow valleys, and 91 tunnels.
Riding this train for unbelievable scenery is among the best things to do in Switzerland in winter. Amounts of snow present the special touch on the Oberalp Pass and snowy valleys. If you want to go to Italy along with swiss opt for Swiss & Paris Tour Packages from Dubai.



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