Abu Dhabi is a state of UAE. A person who is enough awareness about the famous tourist states and cities must be aware of the fact that Abu Dhabi falls in that famous tourist states list. This state has a lot to offer to the tourists who visit this place.

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heritage village abu dhabi
And of course if you have a vacation of 30 to 40 days in a whole year so everyone wants to plan a trip somewhere which has a wide variety of activities to offer so that one should be satisfied enough by the fact that they have spent their holidays at the correct place and also with the correct tour operator!

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Abu Dhabi is a place which has both the cultural and heritage collection as well as the modern world activities collection like beaches, malls, parks and many more.
Here I would like to tell you about the Cultural and heritage side of Abu Dhabi and of course, if you talk think about a place which reflects the history and culture of Abu Dhabi then the first place that can cross any one’s mind is the Heritage Village.
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If you are planning for Abu Dhabi City Tour you should add Heritage Village in your visit list as well. If I say that Abu Dhabi City Tour is incomplete without visiting this place then I guess nobody will have any disagreement with I said. And if a person is interested in knowing about history and culture of famous places then I guess no other place can give that person the same level of excitement that Heritage Village can give!

Heritage Village is a place with a cultural and traditional aspect of the way of life similar to that of the desert which includes the number of sheep and goat tents, an irrigation system display, and a campfire as well.
Visit the Heritage village to experience the standard aspects of the desert means of life, and immerse yourself within the container that brings to life an open-air marketplace, a masjid associated an encampment from pre-modernized Abu Dhabi. 
You will search, explore artifacts and watch artisans creating pottery, processing glass and weaving material on a loom. Craftsmen demonstrate traditional skills like metalwork, pottery, weaving, and spinning. 
The craftsmen share their skills with guests and sometimes provide them with an opportunity to try them out. The small spice search among the village offers a spread of dried herbs, oversewn soaps and many of souvenirs to gather.

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Abu Dhabi City Tour
This reconstructed village is one in all the few places to urge an insight into the pre-oil era of the United Arab Emirates. The walled advanced includes all the most parts of ancient Gulf life, a fort to repel invaders from the ocean, a trend to trade goats for dates with friendly neighbors and a masjid as a reminder of the central half that Islam plays in daily Arabic life.

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Basically, this place serves to be an interesting insight into what life was like before the skyscrapers and modern UAE. https://www.skylandtourism.com go to this link and book your deal for an Abu Dhabi City Tour now!


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