Goa is an enigmatic blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures against the backdrop of sea, sand, sun, hillsides, and unspoiled greenery. This pocket-sized paradise in India abounds in tourists throughout the year who are thoroughly mesmerized by Goa’s picturesque natural bounty, and sublime lifestyle of its inhabitants.

Beaches are the principal attraction of this state on the Konkan coast of the Indian mainland. Starting from Arambol Beach at the north to Palm Beach at extreme south, Goa has 28 beaches along the Arabian Sea. The beaches are excellent representations of succulent Goaneseculture. Arambol is a backpacker’s paradise; Baga beach is for the bold and brash; Anjuna is for crowd lovers; Mandrem is perfect for the laid-back; and Palolem is for palm lovers.

Though beaches are the main attractions of Goa, it has much more to offer in the form of lakes, springs, and falls. Mayem Lake in North Goa set amidst sleepy Goan villages, is an outstanding road trip through pineapple plantations, cashew tree thickets, and areca trees. Carambolim Lake also in north Goa is just about 12km from Panaji. This serene lake is one of the best places in India for bird watching. Surrounding forests are an added attraction.
Dudhsagar Falls with a height of nearly 1020 feet is among the most outstanding waterfalls in India. During the monsoon, the falls in four tiers appear like a stream of foamy milk. Arvalem Falls near Mapusa in North Goa is another spectacular falls. Though not as imposing as Dudhsagar, in the rainy season the sight of gushing water is enthralling.
Goa is a land of marvel. It has so much to offer in form of natural beauty, historic churches, adventure sports, and culture that a tourist is tempted to return to this state repeatedly. Goa is best discovered on roads. With the terrain fluctuating from marine drive to hilly slopes, coconut palm groves, and forest lands, an SUV would be the ideal vehicle to travel. These vehicles with wide tires and heavy body are capable of negotiating rough tracts and smooth highways with equal ease and comfort. For this reason, many tourists visiting this state insist on SUV cars on rent in Goa. They are readily available at Go Goa Car Rentals across a phone line or online.
Reasons for opting SUVs
SUVs have a healthy demand especially for touring. Multiple reasons justify their selection as a touring vehicle.
Seating capacity – A SUV could accommodate 6 passengers comfortably, and even 10 people in squeezed in. In fact, many schools use SUVs for carrying children regularly. For group travel, SUVs are the best option.
Suitable for all roads – SUVs because of their sturdy frame are capable of negotiating every kind of road and in all weather conditions. Be it smooth city roads or unpaved jungle causeways, an SUV travels on every kind of surface without any inconvenience to passengers. Strong suspension helps to keep the automobile steady and balanced even on rough tracks. Goa offers immense tourist attractions in the form of beaches, fishing villages, plantations, falls, and hill slopes. An SUV could take you to any destination of your choice without hesitation and in total comfort.
Greater safety – Stability and sturdiness of these vehicles ensure greater safety to passengers even on unusually bumpy roads. In monsoon, when roads get damaged or country roads slushy, SUVs are always a safer bet as compared to cars. Driving in Goa during monsoon could be challengings rains could be unusually heavy. An SUV would keep you completely safe even when traveling through a downpour.
More luggage carrying capacity – Luggage carrying capacity of SUVs are always more as compared to cars. A family of 6 members with luggage could easily fit inside an SUV. For day-long trips or excursions, several items could be carried inside SUVs.
Excellent mileage – Cost is always an important criterion while renting a vehicle. SUV car rentals in Goa is economically viable while going out on a sightseeing tour that could last for several hours or hundreds of kilometers. Current generation SUVs are manufactured with highly fuel-efficient engines giving superior mileage, especially in long journeys. Also for a large group of say seven persons, it is cheaper to rent an SUV than opt for two cars.
Your Goa tour could become more enjoyable and memorable in an SUV.


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