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Did you have a summer holiday trip to Goa; spent an awesome moment with your beloved one in a resort or visited your favorite monument Tajmahal? If your recent past travels were so stunning and worth sharing to a larger chunk of the population, we provide you a platform to share your glorious experience with us.

You can share your moments of the visits and travels to your favorite place in the form of a well-written article. Moreover, you can share the images clicked during your visits as well. But before sharing your instances with us, you should go through the below lines so that your content meets the desired criteria of our blog.

Why You Should Write For Us Travel Guest Post?

Exposure To Larger Audience: Imagine, if you have a great story to narrate but you lack the presence of an audience, all your hard work will be futile. But, you need not worry about such issue, if you share your article in our platform. This is because this blog site has a global presence and thousands of organic visitors will be visiting to read your content every day.

Moreover, we will share your content in all popular social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. This will attract more social visitors to your article and your content will be shared by tons of people if the content worth sharing.

Build A Reputation: Reputation is the one which every individual strive to achieve. If you have well-writing skill, you can showcase your thoughts with beautiful words. This will help you build a reputation as an author and gradually you will be able to gain the faith of people as well.

Rank Your Site With a Backlink: The Google algorithm to rank an article is continuously changing and not static at all. But, the importance of a do follow backlink in the text will never lose its importance to rank an article better in search engines.

If you own a travel niche site or content related to travel in your blog, and now you are looking for a backlink to rank your site to the first page, we will provide you a do follow backlink with each well written, rich, unique content. This will not only help you get referral traffic from our site but also help boost ranking in the search engines.

Sharpen Your Skills: If you are someone who wants to sharpen your writing skill, we provide you a global platform where you can give a try to showcase your talent. But, the thing you should remember is that we allow only content related to travel and visits.

Criteria To Submit Guest Post

If you want to feature your content in our blog, your article must fulfill some of the guidelines outlined below. First of all, go through the below criteria and get acquainted with the guidelines, so that we will not need to bother you with further changes to make.

The relevance of the article: If you post a health topic guest post in a tech niche blog, it will do more harm than any good. Likewise, your article must be relevant to our niche. As you know this blog is a platform of travel-related content.

You must submit a travel guest post that depicts regarding any travel destination or experience during tourism. For instance, you might choose topics like the best place to visit in Switzerland during summer, top travel destination in South India, My experience during a visit to Mecca, etc.

The very important thing to mention here is that getting a backlink from a relevant article can increase the Moz rank of your site and overall search engine ranking.

Lengthy and in-depth content: Your guest post article must be at least 700 words. It is always seen that longer article rank better in search engines. But, your context should not differ from the prime topic just only to increase the number of words.

Moreover, the content should comprise all the relevant keywords sprinkled throughout the article. Google loves lengthy and in-depth content.

If your guest post rank better in search engines and able to fetch traffic, link juice will pass on to your site through your provided link. This will further increase the ranking of your article.

Grammar and formatting: You must check your grammar and sort out error beforehand submitting the guest post. You can consider going throw following grammar rules for better content.

  • Write an article in word document check grammar and you can use Grammarly as well.
  • Brief out in shorter sentences below 20 words.
  • Avoid using passing voice in your sentences. Write in active voice instead.
  • Your paragraph should be shorter. No paragraph should contain more than 5 sentences.
  • Not more than 300 words should be contained below a subheading.

Inclusion Of Pictures: If you want to add any relevant picture to your content, try to add only pictures that do not have copyright issues. The picture you provide must belong to you else you should have the copyright to use that picture.

Note: Along with the content you must send the any of your social media link as well to pankajseo2014@gmail.com. For any queries and assistance, reach out to us in the email provided.